The brand began during the credit crunch of 2008, the now managing director of the Group then self-employed sole trader, Tony Buchanan had an idea for a local company with a local name to serve the local people of Birmingham, and so, Birmingham Drain Services was born.   In the early days most of our work was based in Birmingham so we became recognisable to local people and businesses.

As we progressed in the industry and became a more recognised brand locally, contracts and clients came from further afield which led to us undertaking work away from our Birmingham roots, after time a new location to service these contracts was required, it was an odd idea to have a company called Birmingham Drain Services in Stratford upon Avon and so welcome Warwickshire Drain Services.  This then led us to realise the need for and the importance of our sector within the construction & utilities industry, we now strive to offer our substantial resources and expertise across the whole of the West Midlands henceforth Staffordshire Drain Services & the newbie to the Group, Worcestershire Drain Services.

The Drain Group Regional Map